Wolfville Committees and Task Forces

Do you want to play a role in the Town of Wolfville’s Future?  Become a member of one of Wolfville’s Committees of Council.

Committees and Task Forces are organized to achieve very specific goals, work toward specific mandates, and present Town Council with the crucial information they need to make decisions. Committees are established to provide clear and complete advice for on-going policy considerations in Wolfville, whereas Task Forces are established to solve a very specific challenge and engage our public as required over a specified period of time. The ultimate goal is the same - to engage citizens, and inform council.

Specifically, Committees and Task Forces exist to:

  • Ensure that the issues presented to Council are clearly understood and fully reported on.

  • Review any policy implications and budgetary impacts and ensure that these are outlined for Council.

  • Hear delegations on matters within the terms of reference of the committee or task force.

  • Consider department proposals. 

Serving on a Town of Wolfville Committee of Council is one of the ways you can get involved and make a difference in our community.  There are two very rewarding parts to belonging to a Committee of Council.  On a personal level, you can learn so much about the Town and its workings and, secondly, you have a voice and potentially make a positive impact on our community.

  Committee Application Form