Draft Documents

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Here you'll find copies of the draft documents that we'd like your input on! We'll post updated documents as soon as they're ready but until then please leave us a comment below.


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The above draft planning documents are based on documents prepared by FOTENN Consultants Inc., a Planning and Design consulting firm hired to lead Phase I of the Town’s review of its planning documents. The draft documents attempt to capture the contributions of the public, Town Committees, Council and Staff. Throughout Phase II of the review, Town Staff will continue to shape and revise these draft documents to reflect the aspirations of the community through on-going consultations with the public, Town Committees and Council. The draft policies, bylaws and extents (i.e. zoning) laid out in these documents do not represent the final outcome of the review process. All members of the community will have an opportunity to provide input and shape the documents as we move through Phase II of this important land use planning process.

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