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Roger's Hometown Hockey is Coming to Wolfville this November!


  • Date: Nov. 28 – 29
  • Location: Acadia Arena Parking lot
  • Target Demographic: Children / Families and hockey players throughout the province
  • Estimated Attendance: 8,000 – 10,000
Update: November 3rd, 2015

To: All Wolfville Businesses

When Rogers Hometown Hockey comes to Town the last weekend of November (November 27-29th) we anticipate several thousand additional shoppers, visitors, tourists from across our region. While most of the Rogers “activations” take place in the parking lot adjacent to the Acadia Athletic Complex, the Town will be setting up warming areas in Clock Park and there will be many residents and visitors to attract to our businesses. With all these extra visitors this is a terrific opportunity to get into the spirit, and as Rogers encourages, “PAINT THE TOWN RED”. I would like to encourage you/your business to get into the spirit of this family fun weekend by decorating your storefronts/store windows, in the spirit of this hockey weekend. Appropriate hockey themes include your favourite NHL or Minor Hockey teams, hockey history, hockey weather and wear – whatever creative ideas you can come up with. The more festive the better. You may want to create a bit of competition among your storefronts. The key thing however is fun and festive with a hockey theme.

Update: October 26th, 2015

Celebrating all things hockey, Ron McLean does a remote, live broadcast of a full NHL game, with lots of additional programming including games and activities for children and families.

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Additional Considerations for Roger’s Hometown Hockey

Hosting this very exciting one-off event presents several challenges along with the positive opportunities. Ensuring safety and functionality of our community during this time of increased visitation includes issues surrounding vehicular traffic, security and ease of transportation. We have formed a Local Organizing Committee to vet issues surrounding operations, marketing and communications for the weekend, and are working diligently on resolving foreseen issues.

Parking & Congestion

We are currently organizing park-and-ride locations on both the East and West end of town, where people may take a free shuttle service to and from our downtown on the Saturday and Sunday of Roger’s Hometown Hockey weekend. In addition, we are working with Acadia University to find alternative parking for all the business owners in town for the Saturday and Sunday of Roger’s Hometown Hockey, in order to free up parking opportunities for customers to navigate the shops in the downtown. We are currently exploring how to manage the increase in traffic for the busy weekend.


The Roger’s Hometown Hockey program concludes at 6:00 PM, at which point the event crew will begin tear down of the site. Work to be done includes deconstruction of tents, and the loading of several tractor trailers, which may go as late as 2:00 AM. Under the current Town of Wolfville Prevention of Excessive Noise bylaw, Roger’s Hometown Hockey will be given an exemption to the noise bylaw. Due to the tight schedule of the Roger’s Hometown Hockey tour the late tear down is unavoidable. The Town of Wolfville is working with Roger’s Hometown Hockey to minimize the disturbance.

Safety & Integrity

Hosting large scale events hold a certain level of risk for attendees, citizens and our town infrastructure. We believe the programs being offered by Roger’s Hometown Hockey should have minimal safety risks, however, we are working with local RCMP, Fire Services, Emergency Health Services and Acadia Security to ensure all safety considerations are in place for the big weekend, in conjunction with standard emergency management procedures.


We hope that this brief informational is the start of good dialogue with the business community on the Roger’s Hometown Hockey event. For ease of access and to help streamline our communications, we have created a Roger’s Hometown Hockey webpage in which we provide both exciting marketing announcements such as the detail of the on-site activities for families to participate in, and also a page where residents and business owners can view how we plan to deal with the increased traffic, security and all other logistics surrounding the event.

We want to hear from you and your business about any and all thoughts you have about the program. A lot of the details are still being finalized around the logistics of the Roger’s Hometown Hockey weekend, and we plan to communicate with our businesses and residents as we solidify plans. We’ve opened a hotline specifically for your questions, and will be posting information to a dedicated Roger’s Hometown Hockey page our website.

The week before Roger’s Hometown Hockey we will be doing an updated informational package.

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Roger's Hometown Hockey in Wolfville

HOTLINE: 902-599-3205

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