Phase I Overview

Our last Municipal Planning Strategy (MPS) review was completed in 2008 with a strong focus on sustainability. Since that time a number of amendments have been made; however, Council has also identified a number of challenges with the document and on January 13, 2015 Town Council voted to review and update the MPS and its enabling bylaws (the Land Use Bylaw and Subdivision Bylaw). The current MPS  and the current Land Use Bylaw  are both available online.


Although there is much that is good in the plan, which we intend on keeping, Council has adopted a new strategic plan, and commissioned a variety of other studies which are currently not reflected. The town has also been a partner in Kings 2050, which is a regional land use visioning process where several land use objectives were identified and approved by Council. Since 2008, we have developed a national reputation, perhaps even a burgeoning international one, as a food and wine destination, a UNESCSO World Heritage site is now located on our doorstep, we have led growth in NS, the One Nova Scotia report was issued, and Council has adopted a new strategic plan. The planning review will update these important documents to ensure our community continues to be a vibrant and prosperous place to live.

What We Heard Report

The What We Heard Report is a living record of everything that we have learned from Wolfville’s Residents, Municipal Staff, Planning Advisory Committee and Councillors over the course of the project so far. This “Living Document” is updated regularly throughout the planning review, as new consultation events are held. Right now, it contains all of the information we have gathered up to the end of the public engagement events that were held in September.


The What We Heard Report starts with an overview of consultation principles, the communication strategy for the project, and a summary of consultation events that were held as part of other studies over the past few years. Section C talks about the “Preliminary Consultation” phase of the planning review project, which ran from May to September 2015. There, you will find information about what the project team heard during the first community visit in May, the Pop-up Planning events that Town staff ran through the summer, the survey of students at Wolfville School, and the PlaceSpeak platform. Seven high level issues emerged during the preliminary consultation phase. You can view these here.

Section D includes what the project team heard during the planning week events in September 2015, including the the Housing Forum, workshops for the Planning Advisory Committee, Councillors, and stakeholders from key community organisations, consultation with Acadia students, the public IGNITE! Presentations and the CREATE public workshop. Detailed summaries of the break out tables from the CREATE workshop are also included.

14 policy themes emerged as community priorities during the September events. These are described in Appendix D of the What We Heard Report. Read about the Emerging Policy Themes.

FOTENN also supplied Town of Wolfville Staff with a memo on Boarding, Lodging & Rooming Houses in conjunction with their delivery of the What We Heard Report, which can be viewed here.

Other Supporting Documents