Sanitary Sewer Flushing - September 2018

Notice of Sanitary Sewer Flushing 2018

The Town of Wolfville will be flushing the municipal sanitary sewer system for approximately 3 weeks starting September 10, 2018. Flushing this year will begin with the Whispering Creek and Woodman Grove area. Once these areas are complete, flushing will continue from the town western boundary to University Avenue between the Rail Trail and Highway 101, as well as all of Main Street.

For more detail see the map here :

Flushing is part of an annual maintenance program to remove grit, and greases from the sewer mains. This helps prevent sewer blockages, odour generation and premature wear of the mechanical components.

The sewer cleaning process uses a high-pressure water jet to scour the pipe clean. When the water jet passes through the sewer main, the water pressure draws air through the pipes. This air movement has the ability to push out or pull in the water and air held inside your plumbing and the U-shaped traps associated with the plumbing fixtures.

A dry trap can sometimes allow sewer gas to enter resulting in an odour in the home. If you notice an odour, run water down the sink and bathtub drains, flush the toilets, and pour a pail of water into each basement floor drain. This will replace the water needed in the trap to prevent odours from entering the home.

The work will not affect the majority of homeowners or cause any disruption to service. If you do notice anything unusual please contact Public Works at 902 542 5767.

The Town of Wolfville apologizes for any inconvenience and appreciates your patience and understanding during this maintenance.