Wolfville Water Utility

The Town of Wolfville Water Utility is a Public Utility regulated by the Nova Scotia Public Utilities Act. It is owned and operated by the Town of Wolfville and governed by the Wolfville Town Council. It operates as a separate financial entity with revenues collected from user rates approved by the Nova Scotia Utilities and Review Board.

Water Connections New home owners/tenants are required to complete and sign a water contract at the Wolfville Town Office, 359 Main Street from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday.  There is a charge of $50 for the creation of a water account.  If you are a tenant there is an additional charge of $75 for a deposit that is refunded upon your request when you move out. 

Water Disconnections If you are a property owner and have sold your house and or a tenant and your lease has expired please contact Wolfville Town Office at 902-542-3294 and we will arrange to have a final reading done on the date of closing or date your lease has expired.

Billing: Utility bills are sent out quarterly in April, July, October and January. Bills are due when rendered.  Bills not paid within 30 days of the date rendered, shall incur an interest charge of 1.5% per each month or part thereof. 

Payment Options: Please click here.

Suspension of Service for Non-Payment of Bills: According to Schedule D of Rules and Regulations as approved by the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board “The Utility shall have the right to suspend service to customers whose bills remain unpaid for more than forty-five calendar days after the date rendered.”  When water service has been suspended for any violation of the Rules and Regulations of the Utility, such water service shall not be re-established until a reconnection charge of $50.00 has been paid to the Utility.

Utility Bill Rates

1.  Water Consumption Rate   
First 325,000 gallons per quarter $      3.43 / 1000 Gallons
All additional gallons per quarter $      1.88 / 1000 Gallons
2.  Quarterly Water Base Charge (Based on the size of meter)
5/8" Meter $     37.42
3/4" Meter $     54.51
1" Meter $     88.70
1 1/2" Meter $   174.18
2" Meter $   276.74
3" Meter $   550.26
4" Meter $   857.97
3.  Sewer Rate  
Based on water consumption usage
With a minimum charge of $16.00 per quarter
$      3.36 / 1000 Gallons
Or if water consumption is not measured then a flat rate of  $     65.00 per quarter

 A Full copy of the Town of Wolfville Water Utility Schedule of Rates and Charges for Water and Water Services and the Schedule of Rules and Regulations is available by clicking here

Poster Wolfville 125 window

 We did it!

Our photo re-creation was a success!  Thank you to all who participated.

If you emailed us to pre-order your poster-sized print of this photo re-creation, you can pick them up at the Mud Creek Days Kick-Off Street Dance on Friday, July 27th on Main Street between 6:30 and 8:30pm. 

Look for the tent on the street near the fire truck!

We will also have extra copies available for those who did not pre-order, and you can get one by making a free will donation to the Mudley Fund! 

(One per family, please!)

Thanks to MacKay Real Estate for sponsoring our photo!


Wolfville Centennial Model - Restored!

Check out this amazing model of Wolfville as it was in 1893, on display now at Randall House Museum!

This model was originally made for Wolfville's Centennial celebration in 1993, and has been restored for Wolfville 125.

Full details about its inception and creation here:




Photo Re-Creation JPEG.jpg


wolfville 125 poster

Walk-able Wolfville Video

Click the link below to view the promotional video for the Walkability campaign:


Have you seen these signs?


The Town of Wolfville and the WBDC, with help from the Heart and Stroke Foundation, have begun a campaign to promote walking in Downtown Wolfville.  

 Are you trying to increase your daily steps?  Let the Town of Wolfville's "Walkability" project help, by showing how easy it is to park and walk to your destination...and get in some steps along the way!

In many Town parking lots, you will see a sign that shows a map of the Downtown, with parking lots and points of interest indicated.  The footprints leading from each parking lot illustrate a path to the center of Downtown, at the corner of Main Street and Central Avenue, as well as showing the distance and the number of steps it would take an average person to walk the route.

The list of parking lots indicates these distances and the number of steps for each lot, as well as the type of parking lot (3-hour or All Day).  

It's really not that far!  The average person takes 1 minute to walk 100 metres, so most parking lots around town are less than 5 minutes to the centre of Downtown!

In the coming weeks there will be a video to promote the project and brochures to match the signs, and to help you find the best place to park in relation to your destination in Wolfville.  These materials will also further explain the health benefits of walking and its role in the prevention of heart disease and stroke.

Get your steps in using the new Wolfville Walkability Maps!

Under construction.

Draft2 Logo


Interested in knowing if your property will be affected by the proposed zoning changes? Take a look at the Town of Wolfville's existing Zoning Map, which can be viewed as 'Schedule A' of the Land Use By-law, and compare it to the latest draft of 'Map 7 - LUB Schedule "A" Zoning'  or check-out the Zoning Analyzer - an interactive online tool that helps residents find out if changes are being proposed for specific properties and what those proposed changes are. 

 You can now access the Existing Zoning Map via our Wolfville Mapping Portal at Land Use App or check out all the available apps at our App Gallery.


Draft2 Logo


Here you'll find more information regarding the latest Municipal Planning Strategy Review events and details on how you can get involved - so check in often!

Until then, take a look through the Draft Documents page where you can find copies of the recently released "Draft 2" MPS documents.

If you'd like to be notified of any upcoming events directly via email, please send a request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or contact the Director of Planning & Development, Devin Lake, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you would like to dicuss a specific issue.

Our last Municipal Planning Strategy (MPS) review was completed in 2008 with a strong focus on sustainability. Since that time a number of amendments have been made; however, Council has also identified a number of challenges with the document and on January 13th, 2015 the Town Council voted to review the MPS and its enabling by-laws ( Land Use By-law  and Subdivision By-law). The current MPS  is also available online.

To view the most current drafts of the planning documents being reviewed as part of this process, please visit the Draft Documents page.


What We Heard Report

The What We Heard Report is a record of everything that we learned from Wolfville’s Residents, Municipal Staff, Planning Advisory Committee members and Councillors throughout Phase 1. This “Living Document” was updated regularly throughout the first phase of the planning review as new consultation events were held. It contains all of the information gathered up to the end of the primary public engagement portion of Phase I ending in September 2015.


The What We Heard Report begins with an overview of consultation principles, the communication strategy for the project and a summary of consultation events that were held as part of other studies over the past few years.

Section C talks about the “Preliminary Consultation” phase of the planning review project, which ran from May to September 2015. There, you will find information about what the project team heard during the first community visit in May, the Pop-up Planning events that Town Staff ran throughout the summer, the survey of students at Wolfville School and the PlaceSpeak platform. As a result, seven high-level issues emerged during the preliminary consultation phase. You can view these here.

Section D includes what the project team heard during the planning week events in September 2015. The events included the the Housing Forum, workshops for the Planning Advisory Committee, Councillors, and stakeholders from key community organisations, a consultation with Acadia students, the public IGNITE! Presentations and the CREATE public workshop. Detailed summaries of the break-out tables from the CREATE workshop are also included in this section.

14 policy themes emerged as community priorities during the September events. These are described in Appendix D of the What We Heard Report. Read about the Emerging Policy Themes.

FOTENN also supplied Town Staff with a memo on Boarding, Lodging & Rooming Houses in conjunction with their delivery of the What We Heard Report, which can be viewed here.

Other Supporting Documents