Town and Gown Collaboration

In the fall of 2018, the Town of Wolfville, Acadia University and the Acadia Students Union signed a Memorandum of Understanding committing to collaborate on areas of priority and mutual interest, ‘recognizing that we are stronger together than if working in isolation, the Town, Acadia and the ASU wish to transcend the traditional Town and Gown framework to deliver the most integrated university town model in Canada and to truly materialize on the goal of becoming a learning community’ excerpt from ‘1. Purpose’ in MOU document.  These collaborative areas include communications, economic development, facilities and infrastructure, academic opportunities, strategic planning and community harmony.

Ongoing collaboration is already taking place in the form of developing an EV charging station, relocation of the Town’s skateboard park to Tower Field, and working together to create an Alcohol Strategy for the Town.  An Alcohol Strategy Working Group comprising partners from the Town, Acadia University, the ASU, NS Health Authority, RCMP, local citizens and business owners meet on a regular basis to discuss, develop and implement initiatives to mitigate the effects of alcohol harms in the Wolfville community.

The Town of Wolfville is fortunate to be able to call Acadia University and the Acadia Students Union partners. ‘Wolfville is only Wolfville with Acadia and Acadia is only Acadia with Wolfville’ excerpt from ‘11. Key Principles’ in MOU document.

Contact the Town on 902-698-8070 for more information on the MOU, partnerships or the Alcohol strategy.