Helping create the right conditions for businesses to grow

Established in 1980, the Wolfville Business Development Corp (WBDC) is an independent, not-for-profit corporation that represents the interests of Wolfville businesses. The WBDC has a Board of Directors made up of up to 11 volunteer members.

The WBDC's Strategic Goals are to:
• Boost the Wolfville brand and create a positive profile for the Town through promotional initiatives with a focus on our entrepreneurs and business.
• Improve the business climate in Wolfville through effective communication with members, the Town, and Stakeholders. Be the voice of business in Wolfville.
• Leverage opportunities that improve business in Wolfville.

For over 30 years, funds for WBDC initiatives have come through collection of a Business Area Rate tax. The Area Rate is paid directly by commercial property owners, or indirectly by business owners who are their tenants. Both groups are automatically full voting members of the WBDC. This approach for funding was chosen by voting members, and following a request from the Board, the Town agreed to levy this Area Rate on members, and collect it on our behalf. It is felt that this funding arrangement is the fairest and most efficient way to fund WBDC initiatives which benefit business by improving the overall business experience in Wolfville. Through our initiatives, we aim to make Downtown Wolfville the preferred destination for our residents and visitors alike. The WBDC works in partnership with the Town of Wolfville and Acadia University. The Town is guaranteed two seats on our Board of Directors and Acadia is guaranteed one seat on our board. Our promotional and communication initiatives are carried out by contracted services, and these service providers are directed by the Board. 


WBDC Board of Directors

June Pardy

Peter Herbin
Vice President

Sandy Davison

Darrell Dixon

Zoe D'Amato
Past President

Wendy Donovan
Town Appointed

Iain Burton
Town Appointed

Scott Roberts
Acadia Appointed

Marianne Gates
Town of Wolfville, Manager of Economic Development

Emily Leeson

Michael Laceby

Jordan Paradis