Wolfville Calendar

Mon Nov 1811:00aSue Goreham Art ExhibitThe Port Pub
Mon Nov 188:00pOpen Mic with Jill BoudreauPaddy's Pub
Tue Nov 1910:00aCoffee/Tea SocialRoyal Canadian Legion
Tue Nov 196:00pThe Startup Life: Enter the Side DoorPatterson Hall
Tue Nov 197:00p45's Card GamesRoyal Canadian Legion
Tue Nov 197:00pDavid Filyer Trio and Open MicThe Port Pub
Tue Nov 197:30p"Tuesdays@TAN" Open MicT.A.N. Cafe
Tue Nov 197:30pNight of AdventureAl Whittle Theatre
Wed Nov 2010:00aBusy Babies StorytimeMurdoch C. Smith Memorial Library
Wed Nov 2010:00aDinovemberMemorial Library
Wed Nov 2011:30aA Touch of Christmas LuncheonUnited Baptist Church
Wed Nov 203:00pThe Sinking of the Tall Ship Concordia: Forty Hours in LifeboatsK.C. Irving Environmental Science Centre
Wed Nov 204:00pHealth and Wellness FairFarmers Market
Wed Nov 206:30pAcadia Reads Multi-disciplinary Panel & DiscussionDavid Huestis Innovation Pavilion
Wed Nov 207:00pDeath CafeRealm Boutique
Wed Nov 208:00pRoxy & The Underground Soul SoundThe Church Brewing Company
Thu Nov 2110:00aCoffee/Tea SocialRoyal Canadian Legion
Thu Nov 2110:30aBabies and BooksMemorial Library
Thu Nov 217:00pIf I Ever Get Out of DublinAl Whittle Theatre
Thu Nov 217:15pWhy to Opt Out of Smart Meters?Wu Welcome Centre
Thu Nov 217:30pKaraokeRoyal Canadian Legion
Thu Nov 217:30pHeathers, The MusicalLower Denton Theatre
Thu Nov 219:00pTrivia NightPaddy's Pub
Fri Nov 229:00aKings Kikima Granny's Jewellry SaleWong International Centre
Fri Nov 229:30aPlayful Pals Play GroupRecreation Centre
Fri Nov 2212:00pExploring Food Sovereignty in Outport Newfoundland: Students and "Professors" as Lifelong LearnersBeveridge Arts Centre
Fri Nov 226:30pJazz MannequinsThe Blomidon Inn
Fri Nov 226:30pAuthor reading with Laura Churchill DukeMurdoch C. Smith Memorial Library
Fri Nov 227:00pJam Session(Greenwich Jammers)Community Hall
Fri Nov 227:00pJam/Kitchen PartyRoyal Canadian Legion
Fri Nov 227:00pIf I Ever Get Out of DublinAl Whittle Theatre
Fri Nov 227:30pHeathers, The MusicalLower Denton Theatre
Fri Nov 228:00pRon Edmunds TrioJoe's Food Emporium
Sat Nov 238:00aBig BreakfastRoyal Canadian Legion
Sat Nov 238:00aSanta BreakfastCommunity Centre
Sat Nov 238:30aFarmers MarketFarmers Market
Sat Nov 2310:00aApplewicks Christmas Craft FairL'Arche Hall
Sat Nov 2310:00aArtisan's SaleLions Club
Sat Nov 2310:00aChristmas Coffee PartySt. John's Anglican Church
Sat Nov 2312:30pDavid Filyer DuoThe Port Pub
Sat Nov 232:00pIf I Ever Get Out of DublinAl Whittle Theatre
Sat Nov 236:00pA Holiday Gala!Old Orchard Inn
Sat Nov 237:00pIf I Ever Get Out of DublinAl Whittle Theatre
Sat Nov 237:30pHeathers, The MusicalLower Denton Theatre
Sat Nov 238:00pDance ExperienceBishop Hall
Sat Nov 239:00pThe Tony & Lenny ShowPaddy's Pub
Sun Nov 241:00pHeathers, The MusicialLower Denton Theatre
Sun Nov 242:00pHot Chocolate RunWaterfront Park
Sun Nov 243:00pWhy to Opt Out of Smart Meters InfoWu Welcome Centre
Mon Nov 257:00pSinging Workshop with Coco Love AlcornAl Whittle Theatre
Mon Nov 258:00pOpen Mic with KilbridePaddy's Pub
Tue Nov 2610:00aCoffee/Tea SocialRoyal Canadian Legion
Tue Nov 266:00pAcadia Ideas Lesson from Fish that live in treesThe Port Pub
Tue Nov 267:00p45's Card GamesRoyal Canadian Legion
Tue Nov 267:00pDavid Filyer Trio and Open MicThe Port Pub
Tue Nov 267:30pCoco Love Alcorn: Rebirth Album Release TourAl Whittle Theatre
Tue Nov 267:30p"Tuesdays@TAN" Open MicT.A.N. Cafe
Tue Nov 267:30pHeathers, The MusicalLower Denton Theatre
Wed Nov 2710:00aBusy Babies StorytimeMurdoch C. Smith Memorial Library
Wed Nov 274:00pCommunity Supper & MarketFarmers Market
Wed Nov 277:00pCanadian Federation of University WomenWu Welcome Centre
Wed Nov 277:15pTrivia NightLions Club
Wed Nov 277:30pHeathers, The MusicalLower Denton Theatre
Thu Nov 2810:00aCoffee/Tea SocialRoyal Canadian Legion
Thu Nov 2810:30aBabies and BooksMemorial Library
Thu Nov 287:30pKaraokeRoyal Canadian Legion
Thu Nov 287:30pHeathers, The MusicalLower Denton Theatre
Thu Nov 289:00pTrivia NightPaddy's Pub
Fri Nov 299:30aPlayful Pals Play GroupRecreation Centre
Fri Nov 2912:00pWe're all now in the ANTHROPOCENE! Says Who?Beveridge Arts Centre
Fri Nov 294:00pWolfville School Chicken DinnerLions Club
Fri Nov 296:30pJazz MannequinsThe Blomidon Inn
Fri Nov 297:00pJam Session(Greenwich Jammers)Community Hall
Fri Nov 297:00pAcadia University OrchestraFestival Theatre
Fri Nov 297:00pThe Lehman TrilogyAl Whittle Theatre
Fri Nov 297:00pJam/Kitchen PartyRoyal Canadian Legion
Fri Nov 297:30pTerra Spencer & Sarah McInnisBishop Hall
Fri Nov 297:30pHeathers, The MusicalLower Denton Theatre
Fri Nov 299:00pThe Hupman BrothersPaddy's Pub
Sat Nov 308:30aGet UnscroogedFarmers Market
Sat Nov 307:00pWinter Extravaganza! AVHC and Acadia University ChorusConvocation Hall
Sat Nov 307:30pBenefit Dance with Heather Kelday and South of the RiverCommunity Centre
Sat Nov 307:30pFlamenco en RougeAl Whittle Theatre
Sat Nov 307:30pHeathers, The MusicalLower Denton Theatre
Sat Nov 309:00pMark & ChelseaPaddy's Pub
Sun Dec 0112:00pPeace, Love & LOCAL Holiday MarketBenjamin Bridge
Sun Dec 0112:00pChristmas Craft FairLandmark East School
Sun Dec 011:00pHeathers, The MusicalLower Denton Theatre
Sun Dec 012:00pWinter Extravaganza! AVHC and Acadia University ChorusConvocation Hall
Sun Dec 012:00pBill Jardine Songs and Stories!Royal Canadian Legion
Sun Dec 012:00pWyntertyde; Ellen Torrie, sopranoSt. John's Anglican Church