Wolfville Calendar

Tue Oct 2210:00aThe Pollinators w/ BZZZAl Whittle Theatre
Tue Oct 227:00p45's Card GamesRoyal Canadian Legion
Tue Oct 227:00p"Tuesdays@TAN" Open MicT.A.N. Cafe
Tue Oct 227:00pDavid Filyer Trio and Open MicThe Port Pub
Wed Oct 2310:00aDuck Academy w/ The Old Man & the PearsAl Whittle Theatre
Wed Oct 2310:00aBusy Babies StorytimeMurdoch C. Smith Memorial Library
Wed Oct 234:00pBreakfast For Dinner NightFarmers Market
Wed Oct 237:00pCanadian Federation of University WomenWu Welcome Centre
Wed Oct 238:00pFrom the Vine -- Devour Opening GalaAl Whittle Theatre
Thu Oct 2410:00aDive! w/ Hearth and Chef Dylan: How to Make PizzaAl Whittle Theatre
Thu Oct 2410:30aBabies and BooksMemorial Library
Thu Oct 242:00pTaste of Nova Scotia Awards Program & ReceptionAl Whittle Theatre
Thu Oct 242:30pWolfville Food TourJust Us! Cafe
Thu Oct 243:15pBeloved w/Côte de BoeufStudio-Z
Thu Oct 243:30pDavid Rocco's Dolce ItaliaAl Whittle Theatre
Thu Oct 245:00pBig NightAl Whittle Theatre
Thu Oct 246:00pAcadia Ideas, Canada VotesThe Port Pub
Thu Oct 247:00pDartsRoyal Canadian Legion
Thu Oct 248:00pKaraokeRoyal Canadian Legion
Thu Oct 248:00pThe Game Changers w/ MastersAl Whittle Theatre
Thu Oct 248:15pThe Best Sommelier in the World w/The SommelierStudio-Z
Thu Oct 249:00pTrivia NightPaddy's Pub
Fri Oct 259:30aPlayful Pals Play GroupRecreation Centre
Fri Oct 2511:00aShorts Program: Italian WinesAl Whittle Theatre
Fri Oct 2511:15aThe Wandering Chef w/TrufflesStudio-Z
Fri Oct 2512:00pA Forest of Kings on the Mexico-Guatemala BorderBeveridge Arts Centre
Fri Oct 252:00pMerci Bocuse w/ Dish PigsAl Whittle Theatre
Fri Oct 252:15pVirgin & Extra: The Land of Olive Oil w/TomatoesStudio-Z
Fri Oct 253:00pMeet the GangRoyal Canadian Legion
Fri Oct 255:00pRoast Beef DinnerLions Club
Fri Oct 255:00pTrunk or TreatUnited Baptist Church
Fri Oct 255:15pStage: The Culinary Internship w/CHEFStudio-Z
Fri Oct 255:30pFood Fighter w/ Make Love: Horton RidgeAl Whittle Theatre
Fri Oct 256:30pJazz MannequinsThe Blomidon Inn
Fri Oct 257:00pJam (Open Mic)Royal Canadian Legion
Fri Oct 258:00pBillion Dollar Bully w/ Beatz & EatzAl Whittle Theatre
Fri Oct 258:15pNose To Tail w/ Almost Famous: The King of Fish and ChipsStudio-Z
Sat Oct 268:00aBreakfastRoyal Canadian Legion
Sat Oct 268:30aDevourFarmers Market
Sat Oct 2611:00aShorts Program: ComedyAl Whittle Theatre
Sat Oct 2611:15aShorts Program: Slice of LifeStudio-Z
Sat Oct 262:00pShorts Program: Olive OilAl Whittle Theatre
Sat Oct 262:00pOpen StudioDiana Baldwin Printmaker
Sat Oct 262:15pNothing Fancy: Diana Kennedy w/The DishwasherStudio-Z
Sat Oct 263:00pEuchre Card GameRoyal Canadian Legion
Sat Oct 265:00pThe Great Italian w/HoleAl Whittle Theatre
Sat Oct 265:15pArtifishal w/The Youngest CaptainStudio-Z
Sat Oct 267:30pCoffee HouseBishop Hall
Sat Oct 267:30pDarren Arsenault TrioThe Port Pub
Sat Oct 268:00pHalloween DanceRoyal Canadian Legion
Sat Oct 268:00pMaxima w/ KahawaAl Whittle Theatre
Sat Oct 268:15pHang Time w/SweaterStudio-Z
Sat Oct 269:00pTripALady Hallowe'en DanceOld Orchard Heritage Barn
Sat Oct 269:00pThe Tony & Lenny ShowPaddy's Pub
Sun Oct 2710:00aBigilAl Whittle Theatre
Sun Oct 272:00pChildren of the Athenia RememberWu Welcome Centre
Sun Oct 272:00pGhost Fleet w/HybridsAl Whittle Theatre
Sun Oct 272:00pOpen StudioDiana Baldwin Printmaker
Sun Oct 272:15pThe Cake General w/Creamed Lobster Nova Scotia-StyleStudio-Z
Sun Oct 275:00pHoneyland w/Flour, Water, and SaltAl Whittle Theatre
Sun Oct 275:15pT for Taj Mahal w/Thank You SeagullsStudio-Z
Sun Oct 278:00pThe Biggest Little Farm w/Distance- Short Stories About FoodAl Whittle Theatre
Mon Oct 286:30pChess ClubC@P Lab
Mon Oct 288:00pOpen Mic with MacFarlane's Rant & A Costume PartyPaddy's Pub
Tue Oct 297:00p45's Card GamesRoyal Canadian Legion
Tue Oct 297:00pDavid Filyer Trio and Open MicThe Port Pub
Wed Oct 3010:00aBusy Babies StorytimeMurdoch C. Smith Memorial Library
Wed Oct 304:00pDiwaliFarmers Market
Wed Oct 307:00pValley Hospice Information Open HouseCommunity Centre
Thu Oct 3110:30aBabies and BooksMemorial Library
Thu Oct 312:30pWolfville Food TourJust Us! Cafe
Thu Oct 317:00pDartsRoyal Canadian Legion
Thu Oct 317:30pGravely Ghost WalkClock Park
Thu Oct 318:00pKaraokeRoyal Canadian Legion
Thu Oct 319:00pTrivia NightPaddy's Pub
Fri Nov 019:30aPlayful Pals Play GroupRecreation Centre
Fri Nov 0112:00pEmergency Preparedness & YouBeveridge Arts Centre
Fri Nov 014:00pArt Show and AuctionLions Club
Fri Nov 016:30pJazz MannequinsThe Blomidon Inn
Fri Nov 017:00pSmall Island by Andrea LevyAl Whittle Theatre
Fri Nov 017:00pJam (Open Mic)Royal Canadian Legion
Sat Nov 028:30aFarmers MarketFarmers Market
Sat Nov 029:00a50 Years of Kairos Prison MarathonsAcadia Divinity College
Sat Nov 029:30aArt Show and AuctionLions Club
Sat Nov 029:30aChristmas Coffee Party and Snowman DisplayUnited Baptist Church
Sat Nov 027:30pBeer NutsThe Port Pub
Sun Nov 033:00pSocial Ballroom DancingCommunity Centre